The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth in e-commerce space not only for consumers, but also for businesses, consumers have become more accustomed to online shopping experiences in their personal lives and in turn expect the same for their business.
Pure Platform e-commerce for businesses provides customers, dealers and distributors with the opportunity to purchase products online.
Moreover, they will be able to:
- Track delivery status
- View their order history
- Make online payments
- Manage their orders
With the integration of a Pure Platform, purpose-built B2B e-commerce digital experience platform, businesses can maximize efficiency, increase sales and improve customer experience.
Pure Platform, an effective B2B e-commerce digital platform, enables your organisation to grow and scale easily to meet the market demand and fulfil the customers’ needs. It will enable businesses to:
Improve efficiencies and productivity of organisations: Providing a convenient and efficient ordering process, allows us to optimise the customer experience and continuously improve the processes, enabling businesses to be ahead of their customers.
Acquiring a wider base of customers: we are constantly adding new businesses and enabling businesses to see a wider range across our extensive network of providers. This will enable them to compare products and prices and grants them access to a variety of businesses worldwide.
Increase the brand Awareness: Pure Platform supports promoting the businesses and increasing their visibility, while maintaining control over their products.
Increasing sales: The platform allows you to easily implement an automated cross-sell and upsell recommendation program.
Enhancing the customer experience: Pure Platform provides an exceptional opportunity for businesses to promote their products to a wider audience. This will enable corporates to focus on improving their customer offering.