Welcome to
Pure Platform™

Pure Platform™ strives to unite all of us, to preserve our privacy and confidentiality, while Billions of dollars are paid every year in exchange for our collected data, and we don’t see a penny for it. Pure Platform™ seeks to bring this control back to our own hands, giving us a platform through which to provide Information about us in a secure way. Where the platform publishes ads to us without disclosing our identity to advertisers. The aggregated data will NEVER identify any of us individually. Thus, it is inline with Pure Platform’s philosophy of “We Will Never Sell Your Individually Identifiable Data”. That’s why we will retain our privacy and confidentiality while getting paid for being us.
Pure Platform™ will work tirelessly to bring as many businesses as it can to the Platform, to bring in more potential money to us. All we have to do is sign up for free, submit our opinion on new products, and collect Kidus. We can collect more Kidus for actually purchasing the product we need or want to purchase anyways. All these accumulated Kidus will allow us to shop on the Pure Platform™ marketplace without spending a penny out of own pockets. The staff at Pure Platform™ is working tirelessly to ensure that the best brands and best products are selected, and are brought from all over the world to the Platform, so they are accessible to our brothers, sisters, parents and children in Iraq. All at NO COST to us at all.
Great idea? Of course it is. Allowing businesses to have access to customers directly WITHOUT buying individual information about us from third party companies, while spending the same money they are planning to spend on advertisement anyways, except now the money goes to the people instead of companies in the middle. Everyone is a winner! Join the movement today and spread the word. The more people we have, the louder our voice will become. Let’s join hands, and take back control of our privacy and confidentiality.